The City of Crestwood currently contracts with Meridian Waste Services for recycling, solid waste and yard waste disposal. This allows all residents an opportunity to conveniently dispose of their wastes. The City examined all options and determined a billing system has the lowest overall cost and convenience for residents. Each resident must establish solid waste service with Meridian Waste Services. Please contact Meridian Waste Services at (314) (314) 291-3131 to establish solid waste collection.

According to the Crestwood City Code, paper grocery bags, cardboard boxes, and lidless metal drums are not acceptable solid waste containers. Trash containers should be no less than 5 gallons and no more than 95 gallons in capacity. They must be leak-proof, waterproof and fitted with lids. Residents have the option of contracting with Meridian Waste Services for 95 gallon containers to be used for basic trash service at a cost of $3.00 per month. Approved types of containers include galvanized metal, rubber, fiberglass, and plastic bags with a 2 mil. thickness.

Galvanized Metal
Plastic bags with 2 mil. thickness

Such trash containers should be placed at the curb after 4:30 PM the evening before scheduled pickup and must be removed from the curb by 8 PM the day of the scheduled pickup.

Senior Citizen/Disabled Program

Residential disposal service will be provided at a point other than street right-of-way (curbside) when the recipient of the service is not capable of placing containers curbside. To enroll in the Disabled Resident pick-up program, please contact the Crestwood City Clerk’s Office at (314)729-4700.

Also, a reduced cost program is available for residents 60+ years of age or legally disabled, who qualify under certain income guidelines. Stickers for the program are sold at the City of Crestwood Clerk’s Office for $3.50 each. These are to be placed in standard 33 gallon trash bags and include the cost of the pick-up of the bag and its contents. This pay-as-you-throw service includes the basic yard waste and recycling services free of charge. For more information call the Crestwood City Clerk’s Office at (314) 729-4700.

Household rubbish, yard waste and recyclables are collected on the same day in designated areas as follows: See map to determine your area.

Area 1: Monday If you are unsure of your area, please contact the Department of Public Works (314)729-4720.
Area 2: Tuesday
Area 3: Thursday
Area 4: Friday

Please have all waste and trash at the curb no later than 7:00 a.m. on your collection day and no earlier than 4:30 p.m. the evening before pickup. All items will be picked up on the same day, but not at the same time. There will be three different trucks to collect your waste materials. All items will be picked up by 6:00 p.m. except under unusual circumstances. Trash containers must be removed from the curb by 8:00 p.m. the day of the scheduled pickup.


Meridian Waste Services observes six holidays per year: Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day. Holiday pickup will be as follows:

Holiday on Monday– Monday pick-up moves to Tuesday and Tuesday pick-up to Wednesday,Thursday pick-up moves to Friday and Friday pick-up moves to Saturday.
Holiday on Tuesday- Tuesday pick-up moves to Wednesday,Thursday pick-up moves to Friday and Friday pick-up moves to Saturday
Holiday on Wednesday- Thursday pick-up moves to Friday and Friday pick-up moves to Saturday
Holiday on Thursday–Thursday pick-up moves to Friday and Friday pick-up moves to Saturday
Holiday on Friday-Friday pick-up moves to Saturday
Garbage and Rubbish
Unlimited bags of household garbage and rubbish will be collected at front curbing once a week. Bags should be tied to prevent spilling and to seal from animals.
Bulky Items: Furniture, Appliances, Tires, etc.
Call Meridian Waste Services at (314) 291-3131 to schedule pick-up service for bulky items. There will be one free bulk pick up per month, January
through October. These will be held on the third pick
up day of each month. Please schedule all bulk and
white good pick-ups, including free items, with our
office at least 24 hours in advance including:Household furnishings such as mattresses, sofas, chairs and other large items that can be easily and safely handled by two men.Large household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washers and dryers, water heaters, trash compactors, dishwashers, microwave ovens, ranges, stoves, woodstoves, and air conditioners.These bulky items will be picked up by appointment and are subject to a $25.00 charge For appliances, you must remove doors or secure doors with strapping tape and place it door down on the curb.Motor vehicle tires, trailer tires and lead-acid batteries are not picked up under this program. Please dispose of these items at your car repair dealer when replacing tires and car batteries.
Cost of Basic Collection
A fee of $18.83 for basic monthly collection from the curb will be billed quarterly by Meridian Waste Services. It is the responsibility of each property owner to contact Meridian Waste Services to establish solid waste service.
Curbside Recycling Program
18 Gallon recycle containers may be obtained through Meridian Waste Services Service. The Public Works staff obtained a grant through the St. Louis County Department of Health for new recycling carts at no cost to the City of Crestwood. The purpose of this grant program is to promote single stream recycling and increase recycling volume through the use of 64-gallon recycling carts. If you are interested in receiving a 64-gallon cart, please contact the Public Works Department at (314) 729-4720 or email your name, address, and telephone number to Please note that the footprint of the 64-gallon cart is no bigger than the current 18-gallon carts and the 64-gallon carts include wheels for easy transportation to and from the curb.The recycling carts are currently being manufactured and are expected to be delivered to the City of Crestwood in late December, 2009. City of Crestwood staff will likely begin delivering the new carts to residents shortly after the first of the year. The carts will be available on a first come, first serve basis, as the grant from St. Louis County only provided new carts for up to 90% of the residential households in the City of Crestwood. Should you have any questions regarding the new recycling carts, please contact the Public Works Department at (314) 729-4720.
Please see flyer to find out which materials can be recycled at curbside.

  St. Louis County Recycle Hotline: (314)286-9200
Telephone Book Recycle: (800)953-4400
Yard waste includes: grass, clippings, leaves, yard/garden vegetation, weeds and branches. Roots or shrubs containing root balls are not accepted. Yard waste is collected only when placed in proper containers for pickup.The following are options:

Yard waste may be placed in 30 gallon heavy duty paper bags. These bags can withstand certain degrees of moisture but work best if kept out of the elements. Such bags are available for purchase at local grocery and hardware retailers. Bags are not for sale at City Hall or through Meridian Waste Services.
Yard waste may be placed in an unlined trash can for pickup. It is recommended that this container is clearly marked with “yard waste” in large letters.
If brush is too large for an above container, it may be bundled with fiber twine. Each bundle must be no larger than 4 feet in length by 18 inches in diameter and may not weigh more than 60 pounds.
Christmas trees are the only exception to the rule. Real trees will be collected providing the tree is free of all decorations including tinsel, garland, ornaments and lights.
Christmas trees are the only exception to the rule. Real trees will be collected providing the tree is free of all decorations including tinsel, garland, ornaments and lights.
Don’t bag grass clippings, recycle them.
Mow your grass when it is dry and only 3-4 inches tall. Never cut it shorter than 2 inches. Avoid over-fertilizing your lawn with commercial chemicals. Let the decomposing grass clippings fertilize it naturally. Keep your mower blade sharp or use a mulching mower.
Create a backyard compost.
Composting can turn yard waste into a valuable soil conditioner. A compost pile should be at least 3x3x3 feet in size, but no larger than 5 feet cubed. Place your waste in the compost pile in layers-leaves, grass, etc. To aerate the pile, turn it once a month and add water if it is dry. Never try to compost just grass. Never add meat, bones, grease, large branches, lumber or dog and cat waste to your compost pile.
Pre-recycle when purchasing items.
Think ahead about whether or not the item’s packaging can be recycled. Look for containers that can be reused or recycled, like aluminum or glass. Try to purchase products that can be used again and again.
Set up a recycling plan at home.
Become aware of what you throw away. Decide how much space you have for storage and what items you most need to recycle. Keep your plan manageable and start off with only a few items.