Neighborhood Watch

What is Neighborhood Watch? 

Neighborhood Watch is a program involving the joint efforts of your Police Department and the residents here in Crestwood.  It is designed to enhance neighborhood security, heighten the power of observation, and encourage a mutual assistance and concern among neighbors. 

In Crestwood, we have a very active Neighborhood Watch Program with each political Ward represented by a Chairperson who attends the monthly meeting of the Crestwood Police Advisory Board at the Government Center.

Is there a need for Neighborhood Watch in Crestwood?

What we have seen in the recent years is a rapid change in our neighborhoods.  We are an older, well-established community that is experiencing an internal growth of newer generation residents that are more mobile and by nature, seek greater privacy.  That desire for greater privacy can lead to less communication among neighbors and tends to create a more vulnerable area for criminal behavior.  Neighborhood Watch seeks to continue the great benefits we have as Crestwood residents, promote contact within neighborhoods, and lessen the opportunity for crime.

What are the goals of Neighborhood Watch?

The Main Objective of Neighborhood Watch is to reduce the incidence of Crime by:

1.  Increasing citizen’s awareness of burglary and neighborhood crime through a continuing information program.
2.  Educating residents in the means of better property security and assisting them in making their property more secure.
3.  Developing a neighborhood awareness program where neighbors are able to help watch each other’s property and report suspicious persons and activities to the Crestwood Police Department.

For further information click on the link for a copy of the Crestwood Neighborhood Watch Brochure.



National Night Out

Crestwood, along with 9,800 other communities nationwide, participates in National Night Out.  This is an annual event sponsored by Neighborhood Watch and the Crestwood Police Department. 

National Night Out is a crime prevention awareness program organized by the National Association of Town Watch.  This night is designed to heighten crime awareness and strenghten neighborhood spirit.  Neighborhoods through out Crestwood organize block parties, ice cream socials, cookouts, and events for children. 

National Night Out is sponsered by Neighborhood Watch, who takes it one step further in Crestwood and issues the “Lights On Against Crime” challenge.  Each year, one party is selected by Neighborhood Watch and Police Board members as the party the best represents the spirit of National Night Out.

2012 “Lights on Against Crime” Award winners:

Residents Jerry & Mary Pensel
Jerry & Mary hosted a party on Richter which centered on the theme of a “Survivor Bucket”.  This theme is rooted in C.E.R.T. training where families prepack items which may be required should a disaster strick.  This neighborhood is very active in National Night Out.  Jerry & Mary were also the Award Winners in 2011.

Their support and concern for the community is sincerely appreciated by the City of Crestwood Police Department.

Thank you for your support!


A plaque hangs in the Police Department lobby with the names of the winners from each year.  Along with Neighborhood Watch and Police Board members, officers and staff of  the Crestwood Police Department join in the neighborhood celebrations.    McGruff the Crime Dog also makes special appearances on National Night Out.